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A play about finding out who you truly are...
by becoming a super hero.

logo By this point you’d have to have been living in the middle of Knowhere not to have heard of the Avengers, the X-men or the Justice League.

But it takes a special kind of geek to assume that “Knowhere” isn’t a typo… it’s the severed head of a Celestial, floating ever closer to the edge of existence inhabited by people who come for the low rent and don’t really consider the high insurance premiums.

And it’s that kind of geek that this show is about. A hard working, nice, quiet boy who doesn’t seem to be so great at making friends; even though he can name all 130 members of the Avengers. But deep down he’s a superhero, desperate to discover his secret power and earn his origin story.

An original one man show; funny from the get go, occasionally heart-warming, saddening, dramatic, poetic and ultimately uplifting. The tale of a grown orphan who spent his weekends writing letters to Peter Parker, being jolted out of the fantasy-land of comics by his unannounced side-kick – a lost dog.

Accessible to all: from the most seasoned comic fan to people who wouldn’t know Spider-man if they found him stuck in their bath. Suitable for all ages.

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