Lockerbie Audience Reviews

Hero Worship recently visited Lockerbie Academy as a special school performance. The pupils of Lockerbie Academy’s fifth year were kind enough to write us some mini post-it reviews!

image1The image might not be the easiest to read so here they are for clarity:

“It was funny”
“Good and interactive. Not boring :)”
“Was funny, liked involment of pupils!”
“I enjoyed”
“It was an enjoyable performance. Good interaction with the audience”
“The play was dramatic and theatrical. Entertaining for a younger audience”
“Good, understood all references”
“It was good as you involved the audience”
“It was good”
“It was very good”
“It was funny”
“Very good AND funny”
“I really enjoyed the performance. I like how it focused on things teenagers can relate to and feel – like depression!”
“Thought it was good and it wasn’t boring :)”
“I liked it. Made me think a lot. Would be nice to know what breed Found was!”
“Was funny, liked the involvement of pupils”
“Very passionate and energetic. Not boring and very engrossing.”
“Very good. Captivating”
“Really enjoyed it! Loved the superhero references”
“It was good. Very informative”
“It was good because it made me think about stuff – how the world isn’t always easy to figure out without a little help”
“Suprisingly good use of pop culture references helped younger people to associate more with the character.”
“Unique format to explain mental health”
“Lots of energy and engaging”