THE Acclaimed playwright, producer and performer Kenny Boyle is bringing his fabulous show ‘Hero Worship’ to the Edinburgh Fringe this year. The play focusses on mental health, a subject close to Kenny’s heart. Besides experiencing mental health issues in the past himself, he has seen family members struggle with severe depression, so besides the fun, comedy and superhero references there is a serious, sensitive and ultimately empowering message behind the show.

As for Kenny’s ambitions for the show, “the impact, the payoff, is reaching young adults or people in their twenties with the message that talking about mental health problems like anxiety and depression is perfectly healthy and normal and could very well help. My hope is that this play will start discussions and banish some of the stigma that surrounds the idea of mental health issues. If one young person in one audience comes forward and tells someone that they’ve been suffering and been afraid to talk about it… well then the play will have been well worth it, because that first step could change that young person’s life. If it reaches even more, then even better. The impact could be huge. I hope it is.”

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