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Eden Court have an absolutely lovely (and TERRIFYING) tradition where-by people seeing the show can write post it note reviews and stick them up! So, after last night’s opening performance of Hero Worship, here’s what the post its said!

Hero Worship at Eden Court, 10 March 2015

Post-it Reviews


“Hero Worship is one of those plays where you can’t help but smile. You can really connect with the character and all the comic references made me laugh. Thank you for putting on an excellent show!”

“This play was really inspiring; it reminds you that there is a Superhero in everyone. Even if you aren’t into comics, it is still enjoyable and a great show for a wide range of audience. Fabulous”

“Amazing one man performance. Managed to capture the character perfectly, engaging the audience within the story. Well paced performance and amazingly simplistic set that didn’t alter the show as a whole, as I initially thought. thoroughly enjoyed!”

“Your Show was fantastic! It was a fantastic example of a show that could control emotions flawlessly. The pop culture references were fantastic! I grooted this show so much. A tremendously real show; a nerdy insight into life’s ups and downs!”

“Absolutely wonderful performance. Loved the comic book references; big names and small names. You are both the hero the city deserves and needs. Now, I must go… My planet needs me…”

“Hero Worship is honestly one of the most enjoyable plays I’ve seen up to date! For any nerd or general Marvel/DC fan this play is for you! There’s laughs, touching moments and so much wonderful audience interaction. The concept of it being a one man show was amazing and worked amazingly in turn. I would honestly recommend this to everyone. Remember: We all have a power. We are Groot”

“Wonderful critical analysis of having a hobby that is your life. Well paced performance and stunning one-man character piece.  Appeals to a wide range of emotions. Maybe add references to lesser known comics, comic characters – I hope to see a reference to Ghost Rider and Rorschach and wish you the best with your show!”

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Hero Worship shall return. More dates to be announced soon!